Friday, 13 May 2011

Hey folks!
So yesterday blogger was down so I posted my day 81 on Facebook so it technically counts right?

Day 81 of 365:

Didn't do a whole bunch yesterday David and I began addressing the RSVP envelopes and I went to my friend Emma's house and saw some familiar faces who I've missed.

Now todaaaaaay has been a very eventful day though :)
I woke up this morning and headed to my dress fitting! I was walking up the stairs and I saw my dress just looking at me. Ohhh I just got all giddy before I even walked into the room. Then there was that awkward moment where the woman asks me to get undressed. I mean hello I'm spoken for. ohhh rude humor sorry. Anyways then I stepped into my beauty. I wish I could go into detail buuuut don't want to give away any secrets. Is it sequined? Tulle? Lace? Silk? Beaded?Is it fitted?Poofy? Big train? Small train? 
Just have to wait and see!! This was one of those moments where my mom should have been in the room, but don't worry this isn't a sad story because I have an amazing mother in law Pam. She's been so helpful in this whole process. I also am lucky enough to have my mother in my life so I'll just be thankful for that and we will make up for it on the big day.

We got our invites today, so believe that we got started on them as soon as possible!
It was so fun because it was something that David could help with so it was like we were working as a team. He addressed the envelopes as I put each item together, wrapped them in twine and pulled it together with non other than a button ofcourse. Then the envelopes were sealed with wax.
He was so cute trying to get his handwritting ever so perfect and beating himself up if it wasn't complete perfection. Happy wife equals happy life ;). Okkkk so I'm not his wife yet but not a bad moto to live by if you ask me, but that's probably because I get the good end of the deal.

Well I have a bowl of frozen fruit screaming my name, then a little skype date with my gorgeous mother.

Day 82 of 365:
Fact Friday, I love old things. Cameras, typewritters, tins, frames, STAMPS, clothes, buttons, shoes, handbags, pretty much anything that once meant something to someone or is just older than I am. 

Check back tomorrow

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