Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama bin Laden is dead.
I just hope the outrage from this isn't worse than what it was before.
Times like after Obama's speech make me proud to hold an American passport.
His speech was so strong and meaningful.
Today Oma and I went into town and did a litlte grocery shopping for her. Then we had a little ice cream date. :) Afterwards we came home and ate a nice amount of fresh bread.
German bread is my weakness I could eat till I turned into a loaf of bread myself.
Ohhhhhh the carbs. Gotta love them hah
Then tonight we had a nice little romantic dinner for two. Salmon, potatoes and salad, with beer ofcourse. Oma said that fish swim in water it would be nice for it to have beer to swim around in. It doesnt quite translate right so it's funnier in German but still.

Now if you excuse me we have some wine to drink. Also why this post is going to be a bit short the screen is starting to look a bit crooked.

Day 71 of 365: 



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