Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's been a nice little day today with my Oma again. We had a nice little breakfast then I redecorated her kitchen for her and designed the cabinets for her.

and then my Oma's friend came over to have coffee and cake. This woman came 45 minutes early and stayed 4 hours. My oma and I kept hinting that we kind of just wanted to spend some time together and so forth but she did NOT get the hint. I even took a nap in this time and my Oma got a phone call and she just sat there while my Oma spoke to her friend on the phone. WEIRD.
Then we made a traditional vegetable soup and ofcourse had some lovely fresh bread to go with it.
We then opened the wine and I colored my Oma's hair because she is going in the hospital on Thursday for a week and she may not be able to really bend over to color her own hair. So we fixed that little problem and had a good laugh during it ofcourse. I love her hair color. We will have some pictures tomorrow of it.

85 days till I'm Mrs.Aden!!!!! Ahhhh I can't wait! I also have alot to do once I get back from Germany. Two more days of rest and then GO GO GO.

Day 72 of 365:

I just love the tradition of close pinning the laundry.

Later alligator.

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