Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hello everyone.
This is gonna be a short post because I have a migraine.
Oma and I thought maybe a glass of wine would help. It did not, so we thought why not have another. Fail, so how about another? Then when that didn't work I thought I'd turn to some chocolate. Still didn't work. Maybe sleep will work, me thinks.

Oh how gorgeous my little sweet heart looked today.
She is going to be the flower girl in our wedding. ( I was the flower girl in her parents wedding when I was just a year younger than she.)

Those are real flowers in her hair. Oh she just makes my heart melt.

A little snippit of her walking by. Doesn't she look soooo excited :)

Tabea and her dad, my uncle Markus (my mom's younger brother).

Oh i just love her to bits. She literally could get me to do anything if she asked. I know David will love this picture. Tabea and David adore each other (IN A NON WEIRD way you weirdos out there) They will sit on the computer and play learning games and Tabea will teach David German and vice versa. She could get away with murder in David's eyes. He just melts. It's so cute.

My cousin Selina( btw she's only 15 and like 7 feet tall, also one of my bridesmaids), Markus, Claudia, Tabea, Claudia's mother Maria, my Oma and I.

What a lovely day :)
Now off I go to try and rid this mean ole head ache.

Day 70 of 365:

Me and the special girl of the day.

Have a good night all.
See you tomorrow

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