Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hello hello!
How is everyone? Is anyone reading this?
Today was a lovely day. Woke up to have a nice little breakfast and coffee with Oma and then I went for a little run around the village. This is the kind of place that just puts you in the mood to run because the atmosphere is so nice. It's so peaceful. Pingsheim is this tiny tucked away village on the outskirts of a a small town outside Cologne. Surrounded by strawberry fields it has about maybe 2 main roads. It such a nice place to get away. I've never been to such a quiet place, during the day you hear might hear a car or two but other than that just stillness. I love it, also because I have no real idea of time either because I dont have my phone attatched at my hip. Just simple living. My oma has a laying chair on her balcony and I saw an opportunity to soak up the sun. It's nice because its very private balcony and seeing as I didn't bring my bathing suit I kind of just made my own out of under garments. Then we had our lunch out on the balcony and just took in the sun rays. I've noticed more and more not only how I take after my mother but how I am so much like my Oma. Her name should be Helios after the sun god. 
Then Tabea and I went for a little bike ride round the fields.
 I've really enjoyed spending time with Tabea, it's like being a child again. I see a lot of myself in her as well. It's weird how that works out. I don't have any siblings but I would swear she's my little sister. Her older sister Selina is nothing like I was. Tabea though with her long hair and the way she attatches herself to me not only reminds me of myself but also makes me light up inside. After riding bikes we watched Mean Girls in German. Now when I say we, I mean she watched and I slept. I can't stand watching American/English films in another language. First off it's weird when you know how the actor or actress really sounds and the voice doesn't match. Secondly the lips are saying one thing and the words don't match up. 
After we had our dinner she asked me to cuddle with her before she went to bed. So we layed down in her barbie bed and she put her arm around me and just snuggled up to me. Once again I am literally such a sucker for that need of affection or that familiar longing for someone you look up to. She is so nervous and excited for tomorrow I can't wait to see how pretty she's going to look. 

After I left their house and walked to Oma's in the quiet stillness of the night, I just took a moment to look up and marvel at the sky. Since it's such a remote place you have the most amazing view of the starry night sky. No fast cars, no busyness, no bright city lights its just you, your own thoughts and the tranquility of nothing. When all you genuinely can hear is the wind as it passes you by. It brings an inner calmness and cleanses your soul.
 My Oma came home after having partaken in some May festival where the people of the village put up this big massive tree and pretty much just drink lots of beer. She got in and opened a bottle of wine for us to share. Needless to say not only does she still have her way of making every man turn their head but she knows how to party.  
 Another mannerism that I've picked up on. If you ever see pictures of me I ALWAYS have my hand on my hip. I don't know why, maybe because I dont know what else to do with it but it's always on my hip. It's very repetitive but now I see where I get it from.
I will say though that you should be glad your on that side of the screen because since she can party like its 1949 she also snores like a freight train.
Just a small little snapshot of part of her apartment.

Day 69 of 365:

When we went on our little bike ride Tabea introduced me to her little friend. I really want to learn how to ride a horse. They are such pretty animals.

Good night y'all!
Hopefully I can get to sleep with this train going through the house. It seems to be getting louder and louder ;D

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