Friday, 29 April 2011

Hallo wie gehts!
Today was  a wonderful day. It was so gorgeous and warm out. My Oma, her friend Franchesca and I took the bus to the town nearby and had a little lunch date. Sitting outside in the sunshine while drinking a cup of coffee and having some cake, lunch couldn't get much better than that.  It was so cute because I felt like I was one of the ladies while they chatted gossip. Apparently my Oma is the cool friend to have in this little village of Pingsheim. So there was this woman at the bus stop and to be honest I just thought something wasn't right with this Magda woman and then later I caught on. My oma wasn't paying her enough attention so then Magda had enough and all of a sudden she just walked away in the middle of the conversation. Later on we saw her in the town near by and she just walked by us like she'd never seen us, then on the bus ride home she practically sat in my oma's lap. Just goes to show no matter what age women love the drama.
I would just like to say my Oma is by far the most stylish 70 year old EVER. This is just her riding her bike but I guarantee you will see in the pictures over the next week.
She refers to her bike as her Mercedes. She's so adorable. I will have to take som pictures of her stylish apartment she lives in. She's new to Facebook btw and also was asking me how so many men have found her on facebook and why she already has 45 messages in her inbox of men hollerin at her. No big deal my oma is pimpin in her 70s. Take notes single ladies this is how its done. hahah.
I do really love her to bits and she's just a good ole laugh.

My cute 9 year old cousin Tabea.

Tonight we went to the church for preperation of Tabea's communion on Sunday. I felt a bit out of place but it's all for a good cause so neither here nor there. Afterwards we walked to an Italian ice cream place and sat outside and enjoyed a nice cup of ice cream. Probably doens't really sound like something special but it's nothing like in England or America. Seriously I just love the atomosphere, ofcourse along with the ice cream.

I absolutely HATE that I'm about to speak on this subject but did anyone watch the Royal wedding?
Firstly I'm a bit confused why everyone is so obsessed but thats beyond the point.
Her dress? Opinions?
I really thought it was going to be more attractive than that. . It was so... eh. I mean come on dude, money I'm sure was not an issue and that's the dress you went with? I liked the sleeves but that was about it. Do not get me wrong she's gorgeous, and I'm not saying she didn't still look gorgeous but it wasn't because of the dress. She's just a naturally pretty lady. Anyone else notice the bust line was a bit off and she looked like she had Madonna tatas. Then again who am I to speak, I'm no fashion guru and to be frank she could have worn anything because at the end of the day she's still the freaking Duchess now. Talk about some wife duties there man. Ahhh well history was made and I admittedly enough watched some of it. Also hats, hats and more hats!
Ok enough on that matter, or else I'm gonna sound to much like an American.(I think just because I also have a German passport I can act like I'm not American in certain instances like this.) Don't judge.

Day 68 of 365:
Fact Friday: I'm kind of addicted to coffee. I only had 6 cups today no big deal. I also love German coffee more than any other kind.
This was somewhere along number 3 or 4 :D
Bis morgen.

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  1. i'm so glad you're having so much fun! it sounds amazing :)


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