Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I cant promise the most intellectual conversation or even very interesting at that matter.
David and I went round to our friend Helen and Peters house for our evening meal. Hel and I drank a bottle of wine and a bottle of Jaques Cider. David and P drank quite a bit of beer. We aren't drunk by any means, but we are at that fun giggly laughy tipsy.
David, Peter, Helen and I have decided what we are going to do weekly is try different ciders and beers and rate them and discuss them on here. The girls will be trying cider and the guys beer. Who knows if we will go through with it or not but I look at it in the sense I've said it on the blog so therefore now we have to. lol

I know it's Wishful wednesday and I usually do a picture and eeverything but a. I'm really short on time and b. what I wish for isnt material this time.
It's quite tacky and some may make fun, but I wish for hope and strength for all the families who have either lost someone or something in these tornadoes.
I know there is so much going on in the world and this week is only such a small minute part of disasters in our day to day world but since it's so close to home I feel like it's a bit more real.

My heart dropped when I woke up this morning to see peoples facebook statuses about fort smith and greenwood. I immediately messaged my mom and my heart didn't stop racing till I received a message back from her. I checked news websites and her facebook to make sure where she lives was alright but still it's that last bit of reassurance that I needed to know she was ok.

I saw a facebook page for a place in Arkansas that was hit really bad last night. It was so nice to see how people as a human race come together in times of need. People who were willing to drive hundreds of miles just to help give clothes and food to people who had lost everything.
It's heartwarming that their are souls out there who genuinely live life for the greater good.

Day 94 of 365:
Dont hate us cause you aint us.

Omg I can't believe I've just said that.
Probably best we go to bed now.

Check back tomorrow.

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