Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Halli Hallo,
Today was a sucessful day for the most part!
Went to the gym with Hannah and then afterwards David and I went to the Antique store.
This Antique store is closing down this week and we thought we would get some good deals if we haggled. To our surprise she dropped the price without us even having to ask.
No complaints there.
Got two old cameras, two big frames and a set of old books all for 25 quid.
Not bad if you think that the big frame was originally 25 itself.
We faxed our wedding insurance to the venue.
Another thing to check off the list of to dos.

Then I went to the Trafford Centre with some friends to look for an outfit for the weekend.
None of us were sucessful.
I guess there is only so much sucess one can meet in a day.
I can't say it enough that I do like the group of friends I've made here.
We just have a good laugh.

On another note my contacts also came in today. Thank heavens for that, or I guess should say thank mom for that.

Day 93 OF 365:

The cameras that were purchased today along with  The Count of Monte Cristo.
Has anyone read this book? I've only seen the movie, but I love the pages of this book.
Also the cameras came in these little leather satchels and one of them has the address of the previous owner. Not that I'm going to search this person down but it just somehow makes it that much more personal.

Check back tomorrow for Wishful Wednesday.
Ciao friends.

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