Monday, 23 May 2011

Happy Monday!
Been one of those kind of busy also laid back days.
I must say it's been so lovely getting all these RSVPs back. It's interesting to see song choices.
My mom sent me a box of contacts last week I still haven't received them and my eyes are desperate for them.
Fingers crossed they arrive tomorrow.
I am very excited for this weekend with the girls. I mean... so looking forward to this weekend. I didn't say excited ;).
My heart goes out to people who have lost their homes, lives and loved ones in Joplin.
You can donate $10 to the Joplin Relief Fund by texting "Joplin" to 864833.

I think the left over wind has come to our side of the ocean. It's been so windy here I've half been expecting to see Dorothy flying by.

Day 92 of 365:

So I attempted a somewhat "marble" nail effect. As you can see it really only turned out to look like a kindergartens finger painting.

Tomorrow, David and I are going to hit up an Antique store that is closing down. Let's hope for some good deals. Also this week David and I have to make the dreaded trip to Hobby Craft, oh how I wish I were saying Hobby Lobby and I were the one driving. Americans take their craft stores for granted. DIY in the UK is NOT the cheaper version, although it's been a very personal and lovely journey. The wallet has definately felt nice and personal as well. I think I'm gonna call the Hobby Lobby founder and as to start a store here.

A good towel like a pure heart absorbs to its full capacity love is like a crystal, it must be handled gently and with great care soul mates are like pillowcases theyre meant to be together forever. Love like a good cup of coffee, keeps you awake at night.

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