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Oh what a lazy day!
Warning, this is a long post.
David and I had a few things planned but the weather was so miserable. It was like it was telling us to stay in and just have a lazy day. Which ended up actually being quite fun. We mostly watched animal documentaries on safari parks and lion life. All day there was this commercial for this "Tiger Man" and then we realized the preview was for tonight. The anticipation had now hit in. 8 o'clock rolled around and our attention was glued to nothing else but the Tiger on the television. It was one of those stories where you just get caught in and you fall in love with the animals that they are videoing. This mother tiger had 5 cubs and there was this little runt they called runty and this man was in the dilemma of letting the cub just go through the wild life cycle and fend for himself or to let his emotions get ahold of him and nurture and take care of it himself. He chose against taking it away from it's mother because their bond was quite strong, he just decided to help the mother tiger who had gotten injured and runty with meat supply so they could both get stronger.
I said to David I really think something sad is going to happen. Not even about 2 minutes later runty falls over and dies. I genuinely start sobbing like an emotional wreck I had just fallen in love with her and I thought she was going to make it. It was what Julie the momma tiger did afterwards that was just so heart breaking. She kept licking the cub as if she were still alive and nudging her. Oh I can't even carry on...
I do apologize David and I just keep looking at each other with that sad puppy dog face.
It's just so amazing to me how man and animal CAN coexist. The guy had Julie the tiger fall asleep in his lap at one point and he just said something like this moment right here makes everything so worth, nothing could beat this feeling. I just think that is so loving and awesome. I would love do so something like that.

Although very lazy day on the couch we DID get a few things on the to do list checked off!
It's also been nice we've been receiving about 2 to 3 rsvps a day.
:) It's almost June and then I can say I marry David NEXT month.
Tomorrow it will be 2 months till the big day.
We booked our photographer Erika from Erika Dotson Photography 's flights today.
Erika is an amazing photographer. She taught me everything I know and I wish to learn more from her. She took me in under her wing as her intern and then later on as staff. We bonded and from day one I knew I wanted her to shoot my big day. She was there the day David proposed to me and even helped calm his nerves a little bit. 

February last year David and I were still traveling back and forth every few months to visit each other. I had been in Liverpool for christmas and David had decided to come to Arkansas in February, I'd say for Valentines day but then again we don't celebrate such a silly "holiday". 
David had mentioned before he came that he had something planned for us on the Thursday after he arrived. I had no clue what this could be or what it was going to entail. Now if you know me, I am the worst if I know that you know something I don't know and I'm envolved. (Christmas time everyone pretty much is so relieved after I open presents because I'm such a pain. ) So I kept asking David what are we doing? Where are we going? What should I wear? My friends at work knew as well so this didn't help to my madness. EVERYONE KNEW BUT ME!!! I annoyed everyone to the point of where people started avoiding me. Thursday came around and I was literally just itching with curiosity and anticipation. David had drove me to work that morning and arranged to meet me on my break at work. We'd set a time and about 10 minutes before this time he called work and said that well I don't completely remember but had some excuse about complications at Walmart or something. I was getting a bit antsy because I was hungry and was going to have to wait another hour for my break. Then I actually called Erika as well( she also worked at Forever 21 along with her photography) because I'd switched her on the schedule since we had a wedding to shoot on a certain date or something. (Little did I know she was with David and they were at the location of the proposal!!!)

Going to try and make this a bit shorter... blah blah blah he came on my break we had lunch, then he left then picked me up from work when I was done. We got home and my bags were already packed and I was told to just dress casual. So we get in the car and David blind folds me! It took everything I had not to take the blind folds off! At some point in this car journey I reach over to David and start feeling around in his coat for a piece of gum. He literally almost swirves the car.
ME: Well you have gum dont you?
David: uhh yeah yeah I'll get it for you. ( Probably Poo'd his pants because I was grabbing the pocket that had the ring in it!!ooops )
So after driving for a little bit longer then we come to a stop.
My heart kind of starts to race because I had no idea what to expect.
David since day one has been quite the romantic.
He opens his door and tells me in a very stern voice to stay in the car blind folded.
Once again temptation there on my shoulder egging me on to pull the blind folds up or to tilt my head back and just take a peak. I mean whats just one peak.
But I just couldn't do it, I could tell David had worked hard to keep whatever this was a big secret I didn't want my inquisitiveness to ruin it.

My car door opens, show time.
I feel my heart begin to race as David grabs my hand and says be careful.
(Erika was hiding in the bushes taking photos capturing these everlasting moments.)
Then he begins to take me UP stairs.
I probably almost tripped a few times going down what seemed to be rocky stairs.
I definately could hear a waterfall and the air smelt of campfire. One of my favourite smells.
My heart is pounding in my chest. I'm trying to listen for anything that could give me a clue.
Then David begins to kind of stutter a bit and then says One moment.
Still holding one of my hands stepped away, then back in front of me.
David then said you know this isn't the only reason why I brought you here.
I'm thinking HERE where is here? where are we? I didn't even know the first reason.
My heart is literally about to go into beating overload.
THEN the most amazing thing happened.
I felt David get down on one knee and it all flushed me and I just knew.
(Still blindfolded at this point)
I remember just kind of screaming OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.
David says You can take off the blind fold now.
There he was on one knee looking up at me with the most loving inviting eyes.

I looked around to take in our surroundings.
We were in the most romantic setting. 

Not just a cabin in the middle of the woods with just the sound of nature, but a cabin spread with tea light candles, flower petals and a fire going behind him. 
I looked back down at him as he said that he wanted to grow old with me and if I would marry him. 
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YES OFCOURSE YES YES YES YES YES YES. I was screaming as I jumped up and down and then into his arms and he spun me around. 
I just looked at him and I just couldn't believe how lucky I am. He had done this for me.  I immediately said I HAVE TO CALL MY MOM! So seeing as we were in the middle of no where we drove till we got reception and I made the phone call to my mom, heather, best friend Kaitlyn and Erika ( whom I still had no clue had been there.) We then went back to the cabin and slow danced in the middle and just let the moment be.
I didn't find out that Erika was there till I was telling THIS story at work the next day and she budded in and said yeah I was there hiding in the bushes and taking pictures and video of this all happening.
The video is really funny you just hear me screaming OH MY GOD over and over and over.

I genuinely just had tears in my eyes as I typed that. We've come so far and so many people have told us we as a couple were impossible. Such relations couldn't be. There have been so many hard times to get us where we are now but it has all been worth it.
If you love someone enough nothing is impossible. You find a way to be together.

Hope you've enjoyed, it has been really nice resharing that moment.

Day 95 of 365:
After our upsetting Tiger man experience we decided to play some cards.
Using Cheerios as our chips.

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