Saturday, 7 May 2011

David and I just got  back from watching Water for Elephants. Oh my gosh I loved it! It had it's very sad bits but it was just such a lovely film. I didn't know if I would like it because more than one of my friends had negative reviews on their statuses,but they had also read the book before hand. I find that sometimes reading a book before the film comes out, often leads to disappointment because there is so much room for details to be missed out. In a book you have your moments that personally draw you to it or maybe capture more than someone else due to personal experiences. I like to read a book after I have watched it because although I somewhat know what is going to happen I still get so lost in the words and feeling that can be portrayed in a book.  David and I both are so glad we went to see it. The fashion, is so to die for. I also am usually not a big Reese W fan because she always plays that kind of goody good southern girl, but I thought she did well. Her hair was platinum bonde, volumous and ever so bouncy. I really wish I could time travel. I just think the demeanor of ladies in the ye times meant of carrying yourself with class, style and elegance. Pinned curls, porcelain skin, powdered noses, chic hats, exquisite dresses, and the ornate jewelry is just something that I could marvel at all day long.
I wish I had a dress sense to dress of this timely manor. Some ladies just have the touch to look like they've stepped in a time warp but yet don't look out of place. I feel that when I wear something along those lines I look, odd and silly. I am going to really try being more open minded and gutsy, because my heart pulls for this style.

I tagged along the Aden men today as they watched Everton beat Manchester City 2-1. What a match! It was such spectacular atmosphere. I love the fans and the cheering! Except the guy who sits behind us only likes certain players when they score the rest of the game he moans and grunts and has something to say about EVERY touch that the players make. Ugh, I'd like to see YOU get your bum out there and score some goals.

Day 76 of 365:

I really need to get the ball rolling on wedding projects. Time is starting to run out, I started organizing through the lace for some decorations today. Maybe tomorrow they will actually get done, among many other things :). I have my hair trial tomorrow!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Mothers Day post.
Have a good night!

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