Friday, 6 May 2011

Hey yall :)
Today David and I met with one of the flower/event cordinator Sarah from The Angels, at the venue.
I literally fall more and more in love with Thornton Manor each time we go. We couldn't have picked a more perfect place. Crazy that we accidentally found this on our way to view another place. FATE!
Here's a pic of some of the front.
We did another tour of it with Sarah so she could get an idea of where everything is going to go.
We went into the ceremony hall and the chairs were set up. I started to cry because I could just completely imagine in. Everytime we have been it hasnt been completely set up so I didn't know with chairs. I am so excited to be able to introduce David as my husband. I just couldn't believe the next time that I will be stood there will be at the rehearsal. Then the big I DO. It can't get here soon enough.

I am so glad that we have gone with the angels. Totally on the same wave length and she has completely settled any nerves I might have had about set up. After our run through with Sarah some of the staff from Thornton Manor sat with us a run through with them. It just makes it like so real, not that it hasn't always been real but with a bit of a long engagement it's always been so far ahead of us that now it's like a blink of an eye and here it will be.

We then went to Hobby craft to try and see if we could find some envelopes for the invites and they only have envelopes to small or silly big. So I am in the process of possibly DIYing the envelopes. I realize I may be getting myself in really deep in trying to do alot myself. So we shall see how this journey ends. Wish me luck. Fingers crossed.

Day 75 of 365:
Fact Friday: In just 82 days I get to marry David. I can't wait to see him standing there looking all handsome.

We got the mock of our invites in today and I just love them. Thanks again Sarah from Designs by Sarah !!! You did fabulous. I obviously am not going to give away the front of the invites just yet because we haven't even sent them out but here is a peak at the backs of them. They are just too cute!!!
It's almost here it's almost here it's almost here.
Hip hip hooray!
Later alligator

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