Sunday, 8 May 2011

Today I had a bridal hair trial! I just sat there as she curled and curled and thought my goodness this is preparation for MY wedding. This is happening. I am not just dreaming or living in some fantasy land. I actually am marrying the love of my life. By some miracle of fate he found me Of all the million cities, numerous countries, Fayetteville Arkansas and there we both were. This is such an exciting time in our life.

I am actually loving this stormy weather we are having in England. Reminds me a bit of home; BIG rain drops and gusty winds, atleast here I don't have to worry about the calm after the storm and be on look out for tornadoes.

Day 77 of 365:

Happy Mothers day to all the amazing mom's out there, to the mom's who are no longer with us, the mothers who have lost and the mom's far away.
(picture from 2 years ago)
I just had to call my Oma realllly quick in the hospital today and Say Happy Mothers day because if she did such an amazing job mothering my mom as my mom has for me.
I would like to say thank you to Cordelia Heffner for being my world. You were there when crawling turned to walking, as words started to form from mumble , that first day of kindergarten to the last day I walked on the stage and graduated. We've stayed up numerous nights sharing laughs and watching films you probably don't remember. Made memories that will never be forgotten. You organized birthday parties from disney princess to alien themes, you never turned me away on a scary stormy night, you would listen as I sang I'm a barbie girl in my room and you told me I was a superstar. You are my super star. You've endured tough times and happy ever after times. You did everything you could to give me the life I have today and you always make sure I know that nothing is out of reach if I put my mind to it. I am so proud of you for the woman YOU have become. Working full time and going to University at night and still being there for me. You have this amazing gift with children therefore being a teacher is the perfect job for you. Next week you graduate with your Masters! I wish I could be there to see you walk but I'll be there in spirit. You have loved me with everything you have as I love you with every fiber in my body. You are the person I can tell everything to and know that no matter what you will always be by my side.  You've helped me out in times when I didn't see the bright end of the tunnel. You were the one who ;although sad to see my go, made sure that I followed my heart to England. I know that no matter where on this world I am, you still love me the same. I can't believe it's only 12 weeks and you will be walking me down the aisle, I couldn't think of a more perfect way to end the Heffner chapter of my journey. No matter where I may be or how old I am, your little girl I'll always be.
I love you mom. I can't thank you enough for everything you have gone through and done for me. The lessons you have taught me and the wisdom you've shared, I only hope to pass down to my child as you have for me. Your such a beautiful person and have such an magnetic soul.
I know I can't be there and it's not the same but here's a kiss from me to you.

I miss you, love you millions, see you soon. xox

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