Friday, 15 April 2011

Sooooo drum roll please......
My fantabulous gift that Pam bought for me yesterday. Isn't it majestic?
I just love it. I mean think about it, to us in the present we just see it as an artifact. A thing, but it is so much more than that. This has captured who knows how many of photographs. WHO had it before me? Maybe even before them? Was it a gift? What did the previous owner see through the lens? What was beautiful to them? I have a few other cameras that Pam and Jim (David's dad) have both handed down to me.
I just think they are marvelous.

Day 54 of 365:(Fact Friday)

I thought this would be fitting with the camera.
Fact:This is my urgroßmutter (great grandmother) on her wedding day:)
Amazing to think that she had my oma, then my oma had my mom and here I am.
I wish I remembered her, she died when I was very young I only remember going to the hospital but don't have a mental picture. I wonder what she was like, my oma and mom have told me stories.
Her husband my great grandfather died in WW2 he was missing in action. They found his dog tags but no body. I wonder who everyone else is that is present in the photograph. What kind of camera took this? Is it the one I have just been given? (Obviously not but it's just cool to think someone somewhere may have THAT camera and maybe they are wondering what was captured.)
Life is wonderous, pictures last a lifetime and then some.
I only hope one day my great granddaughter has our wedding photograph, and possibly marvels at it as I do this. ( Or even better I am there to tell her the story.

 Sleep tight.

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