Saturday, 16 April 2011

Everton everton everton 
Today I actually went with the Aden's to the match. They have season tickets but I usually just don't want to stand in the cold, so I don't go.  I thought I'd go for a change, and what a nice day to go on. The game was really good as well. Now I thought I knew what team spirit was because I've seen some prettttty intense Arkansas Hog fans but y'all haven't seen spirit until you go to an English "football"match! Or even just try and make a joke with a supporter of one team about another team. Phew, I thought David was literally going to break up with me once I made a joke about a team whose name does not need to be brought up so close to our wedding. :)
I mean they take this SERIOUS. You know in the first stages of dating you go through the third grade questions like what's your favourite color. Mine ;is red, well WAS red. When I said to David it was red I genuinely thought he was joking when he said I wasn't allowed. I mean is he for real? This can't be THAT serious. Well needless to say my favorite color is no longer red. Atleast he's come around to accept that I will not take red out of my wardrobe, he just will call it dark pink or maroon. He has another thing coming when we get our house and we have a red kitchen. I've always always always wanted red kitchen appliances. Too be fair, the accent color will be turquoise. Can't be that bad right?
We shall see when the time comes :)

We won 2-0! As Baines stepped up to take the penalty I thought back to the days when I played football. I remember the rush that came over me right before your foot hit the ball. The nervousness that went from my heart to my stomach and down to my knees. The most supporters we had were just parents or the odd friend here or there, you just wanted to make your mom proud.  Here he is, with 35,857 supporters all on the edge of their seats as they watch him step up to the line. Not only does he not want to let his team down, he has all these fans to please.
He ofcourse made the goal making it 2-0. I love how you hear everyone jump up out of their seats and grab the person closest to you and hug them. Screaming and chanting EVERTON EVERTON EVERTON. It's a tradition David has always been a part of, and now I am part of that tradition and so will our children. It's kind of neat how that works.

Then afterwards I went to take photographs at a fundraiser for Japan. It was so neat, this girl who is in her teens organized it. She wanted to make a difference and did what she had to do. How motivating is that?
Every little helps.

Last night I made half of the boutonnieres and finished my bouquet! How exciting!!!
Also today I received a heartfelt little present in the mail from Heather. It's this really cool photography book I can't wait to get lost in it.

Day 55 of 365:
A picture I snapped outside Everton's grounds before the match.
"Nothing but the best is good enough"

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