Thursday, 14 April 2011

What a perfect productive day today.
Pam and I went to Southport.

We passed THIS amazing used book store and just HAD to go in.
Oh my holy book store of book stores. This was just amazing. It has all these orginally bound books of Shakespeares plays and just all these orginals. Leather bound ancient real deal books, now that is the way it should be. Not on some little screen you carry around. Where is the fun in that? It's opening up a book and feeling it in your hands, smelling the pages as you whiz through them. (Mom I know you know what I mean, because I inherited this habit from you.)
Then we went to a 3 story antique shop, and found a few goodies for the wedding.
Can't tell you can I? Don't want to ruin the surprises for the big day.
Pam also bought me a special present as well that I will post a picture of tomorrow.
Then as we were walking to go have a cup of tea Pam said oh look that man has an owl. I looked and my heart immediately melted. If you guys remember my very first ever day of this Self potrait journey I said I LOVE OWLS. When I say Love I mean like obsessively love them.
Now you may ask what a man with an owl was doing on the street in Southport. Well they were raising awareness for Animal rescue and safety.

Her name was Alaska and she was only a little baby.

I asked if I could take a picture with her and he said yes. By yes I thought he meant stand next to him with the owl on his hand. Oh no he handed me a glove to hold her. I literally had a heart attack when he said this. Oh my gosh y'all I can't even describe how happy this made me. I can't even get over it.
We just go together don't we?
See she just doenst want to let me go. She's looking at me thinking I wanna go home with you. :)
Only thing that I think could have topped this moment would be if I had a chimp in the other arm.

Day 53 of 365:

Oh I just love her.
What a wonderful day.
Check back tomorrow for Fact Friday.


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  1. seems like a harry potter kind of day haha


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