Thursday, 7 April 2011

Oh what a day what a day.
So I didn't wake up not sick but atleast not as sick as I thought I'd wake up.
David and I went into Liverpool today.
Before we left, David's best man rang and asked what sizes we were needing in the dresses as he thought he'd found the dresses. I almost lose my breath at the thought that we MAY actually have the dress situation sorted. Then I tell him the dress model name and color and it was the wrong one. Silly boys can't tell a dress apart. To be very very fair though David and I stopped by Debenhams and it looked very identical to the correct ones. So as my hopes are getting lower and lower for the thought of this dress we head to John Lewis and there is one of the sizes we needed. The woman behind the desk was so helpful she rang up another shop to see if they had them, they didn't but had a list of stockist who do. We purchase the dress they DID have just so we are three down two to go.
We get home and start calling stockists on this list of about 30 shops spread all over the UK and Europe. Finally a place has the next size we need, but do they ship out. Oh yes they do.
Four down one more to go.
The smallest size was the hardest as only a few stores had it and if they did it was only one or they didn't ship out. (Obviously we would have drove if needs must) Then a breakthrough!!
Some magical mirracle way we've done it.
So seeing as my bridesmaids are in US, Germany and UKwe just like to do things as complicated as possible. I won't completely catch my breathe till the dresses are actually delivered to the house, but I am very thrilled we have made progress.

Breathe of fresh air! With lots of help and patience Pam and David helped get the job done today.

With my mind still lost on my beach with the waves a flowing last night I completely forgot my Wishful Wednesdays post. So I give you Wishful day after Wedesday day.

  We will start with the most expensive first ofcourse. This Michael Kors watch is absolutely gorgeous isn't it. Which ofcourse can be found on the  Michael Kors website.

This and the next one are two things I've wanted very long, well I've wanted all three for quite sometime now. Yes I know they are kind of geeky and definate blast from the past but I mean how cool?
Both this and the one below can be found on Asos.

Now the next item is from Fearne Cotton's line at Very. Now if you know me you know that I'm a little obsessed with Fearne Cotton. She's pretty much the coolest girl ever, anytime I'm in the car of a morning Radio 1 MUST be on in the automobile. Not only is her taste in music spot on, and she's got tattoos,  she's like fashion icon. She will be girly at times but with a little edge. She reminds me a little of Lauren Conrad but cooler and minus the drama .Oh I just love her, I think David is worried if I saw her I'd ask her to marry me. Ha. Well...! No I'm only kidding and I'm not like obsessed in one of those crazy weird ways.
With the lovely weather just right around the corner; so it better be, these would be perfect with a pair of jeans or a dress. LOVE THEM.
And there she is, modeling stuff from her line. I love this Peterpan like top.

 Brides to be how cute would this be for your rehearsal dinner? Or even engagement shoot.

Day 47 of 365:

A successful day in Aden wedding planning world. Now onto the rest of the checklist. :)

Auf Wiedersehen folks.

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