Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I apologize in advance. I am not feeling very well and I stupidly enough went to yoga thinking it would "get rid of my bad chi" and focus on a healthier me. This was not one of my smarter choices. Although I do love a good yoga class. If you have read Eat Pray Love you would know she practices yoga throughout her journey and sometimes fights the pain while in meditation. I just imagined myself in such a place she describes in the book like an ashram in India and it makes all that muscle stretching that much easier. I WISH! All it does is make a mental picture in my head of how cool those places would be and then I feel as my tendon pulls one inch closer to ripping off. David's Auntie Gail is a certified yoga instructor who traveled to India to get this. How insanely rad is that? I would totally consider becoming such an instructor I just think  becoming better as a student in the act of yoga is step one. I love at the end when the lights go off and the instructors voice is gentle as she says with each exhale feel yourself letting go. As She continues she uses imagery of each exhale is a wave going out and then your body becoming the sand etc. My poor friend Emma does not like this part so much as she visualized herself drowning.

I am now very tired and going to hopefully wake up NOT sick.

Day 46 of 365:
Today felt very nice outside. I didn't believe Pam when she came in and stated this fact as I looked out the window at the grey skies. As I went to yoga this was what the beautiful sky looked like.
Bare with the phone quality picture. A picture is a picture.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. i felt icky today too. i hope you feel better. i will send the pic you requested, and your bouquet looks beautiful :) love you


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