Friday, 8 April 2011

Hello everyone!
Still not feeling tip top but had an absolutely fantastic day.
I'm sure if you have been reading the blog you can probably guess what made today such a lovely day.
Sun anyone?
Oh it was magnificant. We went to Chester today; we being David, Pam, Jim and I, and what an exquisite day we had. I love Chester, I would go everyday if I could. Chester is such an incredible place, it possesses a very unique feel about it. The city is behind a great wall which still has parts from the Roman, Saxon and medieval times. There are so many corners you can turn and learn about this city. It's like walking back in time and you can just imagine as you walk on the coble stone walk ways like romans once walked before us, or when you see all the tables out, you can imagine ages ago the beer maidens out in the streets serving beer. I just love how England is just filled with such history and culture. It's like everyday is a learning day you just have to go out and see with your own eyes. I was telling David today I can't wait till all my friends and family are here and we just go and explore. Well I just cant wait to have everyone in one place to start with; even if it is just a shortwhile, it makes it all the more special.

I mean Julius Caesar drove a Range Rover didn't he? Ha ha, other than the cars its magnificant isnt it?

I just love this statue everytime we walk by it I just like to look at it. It just has an elegant sway about it.
It's 'A Celebration of Chester'"whose city walls make secure the freedom to work and worship". It was unveiled in 1992, partly to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Chester Cathedral.
Then when we got back home David and I decided to go for a little walk and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Then we did more wedding sorting. Here's a look at how my bouquet is coming along.

I am so glad that I chose to go this route, I knew in the beginning that I wanted to do something handmade. Dont forget to check out Princess Lasertron here.
110 days till I'm Mrs.Aden.

Day 48 of 365:
Fact Friday. Do you have jewelry that you feel naked without? I sure do! I can't leave the house without these three rings.
The top one is a given; my engagement ring. The second one, remember David and I's friends from London that we love so much; Emma and Kav? Well in October when we went to visit them they took us to a cute little village and we stopped in an Antique shop and I found that beauty. The third; I've had since High school.

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