Monday, 11 April 2011

Merlin's beard, I completely forgot to add on my countdown yesterday that its only 96 days till Deathly Hallows part 2. In anticipation for this I  am watching Half-Blood Prince atm.

today I did a bit of a diy project.
Remember when I said I don't like tight collared things?
Well I absolutely LOVE this shirt but I don't wear it nearly as much as I would if the neck wasn't the way it is. I soooo have this from my Oma, she's always bought shirts and then immediately cuts the neck.

I came across this DIY rocker tee on someones website, whom I for life of me can't remember. I am not taking any credit in this idea by any means and if anyone knows what blog it was please leave it in the comments so I can credit her.
What you'll need :
T shirt that fits and scissors.

"Until death do us part" I just love that! I think since it's now cut out of my shirt I will somehow maybe put it in my bouquet.

So I cut the sleeves and then marked along the neckline for more precise cut. I also snipped a bit off of the bottom because I wasn't a fan of the length either. I kept my scraps and cut little two little pieces of material and then tied them to the straps of the shirt into bows.
Now if I remember correctly in her diy she also cut right down the middle, made slits along the way on both sides and weaved the excess material together to make a woven pattern. I on the other hand did not take my diy that next step in fear of failure and the possibility of completely ruining my shirt.

Final step prepare for ultimate rock a thon. Lucky enough my fiance  has a drum set in the office.
Even more lucky, no one was in the house to have their ears bleed to my lack of drum skills.
Day 51 of 365:

 Travis Barker be warned. I can rock like no other.
I also look like I'm smelling my arm pit.
Thank goodness I deoderized.

Now I smell something good a cookin in the kitchen.
So I am going to go eat.
Have a rockin day.
No worries I sounded EXACTLY like this.


  1. omg, love. love. love.
    you have left me inspired to hold my rock fist high and blare some jams.

    ps- i went through a "cut up all of my t shirts" phase a while ago, and you will be happy to know i have a DIY crop top of Paramore- gotta love it.

  2. Love it :) I want some more band tees. I have a few but not any too cute. or are too ratty from the gym :(

    Love your new logo btw!!


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