Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hello kind folk of blog world.
Today I spoke to my dad, he's back in Afghanistan again. It's back to that heart dropping feeling whenever seeing things on the yahoo homepage. Not that my heart doesn't always already go out to people who have lost someone in this war or who are injured. You know what I mean though when it's someone close to you. Especially when a woman from my dads camp stepped out a few days ago and was immediately killed by a mortar. Wow that was a big lump to swallow. I mean it's one thing saying yeah my dad's in Afghanistan and then it's another thinking about the actual reality of it. I will actually go ahead and stop myself before I'm ahead and this starts being another one of those emotional blog posts.

Went to my friend Helen's Keep Fit class tonight it's so fun how everyone marches to the beat. I will admit when the beat gets a going I always feel like doing spirit fingers. Bring it on anyone? I mean Bring it on before they made 125 of them. Not that it was all that great a film but it was one of those fun movies to quote. I remember being in the basketball lockerroom and us quoting the roll call. Oh I can't believe I've just admitted to that. I'm alittle ashamed.


Day 52 of 365:
Today I added a few extra touches to the bouquet.
Almost done y'all!

Have a fabulous day see you tomorrow!!!

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  1. so sorry to hear about your dad! my uncle got back from there a year or so ago... i will be praying for him love!!!

    also- LOVE what you've done to the bouquet... adorable



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