Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hey folk,
So totally loved today. Laid out in the garden for a good while soaking up the sun.
I also send my apologies to England for all the nasty things I've said about the weather.
As long as it keeps this up now but pleeeeassse stay like this for the summer. Especially July 27?
That would be great.
Made two more boutonierres today!
David and I also went for another nice little walk today in the gorgeous sun.
Then I went and had a weekly catch up with my friends in the local pub.
Oh my I can't believe we are in the double digits now til the Big day!!!
Also crazy story, a bride who I will possibly taking photos of is from KANSAS!!!
How ironic! I personally love that she's not from somewhere like California or New York, but somewhere near by. Somewhere I've actually lived for a year of my life. Small world!

I have a makeup trial on Friday with my friend Vicky. Ah it's so close.

Wishful Wednesday

 1. I've never jumped on the maxi dress train but I've always fancied it. I've seen so many cool tribal print styled maxis that have made me definately want to try it this summer. This WAREHOUSE maxi dress I found on asos 2. I don't know where I'd wear a bikini in England but I do love this. I am a big bandeau fan and most of my bikinis are, so naturaly I'm drawn to this. I love the floral! It's from River Island  The next two items are two of my little favorites of summertime. GLADIATORS and SUNNIES!! These gladiators are from none other than Urban Outfitters and the sunglasses are pretty much just like the ones I own but have so sadly left back in the states. I found them on asos.
Day fifty nine of three sixty five:

We love making awkward faces. The main reason this has been altered to b&w is because my squishy faced fiance is also a lobster face. I don't want to double embarass him ;)
EDIT: David has pointed out that there is like a spot missing from left side of my face. I just wanted to note that yes i realize this. It's from the flash. Seems I'm the embarassed one now.
Jokes on me.

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