Monday, 28 March 2011


Howdy partners,

So I took my very first big train journey ON MY OWN. I didn't get lost and didnt panic. Might I let you know I got lost in the village we live in and I've lived here about a year now, so imagine the surprise of me not getting lost. The purpose of the trip was to meet with the too cute bride Emily. I can't really spoil all the fun details just yet but that it has a bit of a Moroccan feel to it.  I'm so excited for her wedding this summer. It's 10 days before ours! She and I are both hoping for warm pretty weather in July. Fingers crossed everyone!
My train arrived a few hours before our meeting so I had a little gander round Harrogate; it's absolutely gorgeous there. In fact the whole journey was beautiful sight to my eyes. I love I mean LOOOOVE tudor style houses, and the Leeds area is filled with them. Also little cute farm and farm lands oh it's just lovely. I also found Harrogate Library and spent a little time in there; which is another one of my favourite things to do. The building was fantastic but the inside doesn't have anything on Liverpool's library.
Then on the way back I got on the train only to realize that I was on the wrong one. Well it was at the same platform and it said Manchester Piccadily on it and I knew the Liverpool train goes via there. PS. Trains do not run 20 minutes early. So I just used my spidey senses when I got to Manchester and found the train I was actually meant to be on and made it home.
I must say if I can hear your music through your head phones and I'm 4 rows behind you; how are you not deaf? Also if you are on the phone, why do you find it necessary for me and everyone else to know your business? I hate even talking on the phone in public even if it's just to say I'll be home in 5. Another thing, I'll admit that I have littered before nothing major but still after seeing some places today on the way it's disgraceful. Just think if each person littered everyday what earth would look like. Is it that hard to just hold it and wait till you see a trash can? Sorry for the mini rant.

Just before we wrap today's post up I would like to announce that Photography by Tanja was featured on Princess Lasertron's website. :) Kind of exciting to me, just like to take a moment and thank Megan for that. I know it's because of Kaitlyn's bridal bouquet but still. I've said it before I'll say it again she's amazing at what she does. If you really want add a little something to your wedding check out her website. Don't have the time to do a button bouquet of your own? You can order a pre made one! Also she has a new design right now, and headbands and lots of other cute things.

Day 37 of 365:
view from Leeds railway station 

Come back y'all.
Why do I insist on being so southern when I'm away?
Maybe I'm a true southern girl at heart.


  1. congrats on the feature! I'm glad you posted the link to Princess Lasertron's website... I love what she does!! Definitely going to have to let all my brides know about them.

  2. Awww thanks!! I was gonna put a link to yours as well on this but figured I was putting too many links. So tonight it is :)


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