Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello brides!

Did you figure out your style?
Now stuck on flowers?
Choose trim and tailored arrangements that are round, symmetrical and tightly packed. Silk-wrapped stems fastened with pearl pins are graceful, refined and in good taste.

Bloom ideas: Creamy French tulips, roses, calla lilies, peonies, hydrangea, wild sweet peas, Queen Anne's lace, lilacs, gardenias, white violets and stephanotis.

Color ideas: White, cream and pale pastels.

Look for oversidezed, loosely arranged flowers peppered with organice elements such as berries, herbs and ferns. Pull stems together with a ribbon to create a just-picked feel.

Bloom ideas: Queen Anne's lace, fragrant gerbs, thistle, grass roots, pods, wildflowers, sunflowers.

Color ideas: Earth tones mixed with oranges, purples and pinks.

Bold and architechtural bouquets fit your streamlined sensibility. Simply tie together clean, sleek bouquets or opt for single-bud arrangements.

Bloom ideas: White daisies, sinble bud call lilies, bare-stemmed bouquets, cosmos, tulips, orchids.

Color ideas: Green, blue, monochromatic.

Select relaxed unstructured arrangements with a lush island-stlye vibe. Long handtied stems can be wrapped with twin or raffia.

Bloom ideas : Blue delphinium, orchids, daisies, roses, gardenias, lilies of the valley, dahlias.

Color ideas: Blue, pale green, and white, or tropical orange, yellow and red.

Select gardenias and peonies that are not only lavish, but alos have a heady nostalgic scent. Add in some sweet cascading stems and tie them all together with lace.

Bloom ideas: Roses, iris, sweet peas
Color ideas: Pink, white, lavender.

Obviously it's not set in stone; THAT'S what you have to have. Or else! Only kidding.It just helps give an idea; maybe your a mixture of styles, you could take items from each category.

How was everyones day? I hope good! Mine was pretty uneventful. Worked on my bouquet which is lots of fun, so much is falling together now. Not that it wasn't before it's just we had so much time planning now it's really go time.
2 days till David's birthday!! Woohooo.

My sweet selection of buttons to choose from.

Also if you have a moment you should go and check out Ruth Eileen Photography and look at the pictures from Kaitlyn and Ty's wedding. She really captured some amazing moments.
Day thirty eight  of 365:

This 365 project just wouldn't be complete without a cliche bathroom mirror picture.
Also I'm getting my hair done tomorrow thank goodness so bye bye roots.
Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite

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