Sunday, 6 March 2011


How is it already almost Monday? Man time flies. I am hoping that everyone had a good weekend?
As you know I went out with Paul and Gemma today to shoot a few engagement pictures.
It was so adorable seeing the two of them in a different setting. Paul can be a bit of a joker at times and it's insane when the Aden brothers are in a room together Gemma and I usually just sit back and look at each other; wondering what we are getting ourselves into ;). Times like today are what all make it worth it. The wind was blowing ; I know I know 'wind blowing in England?' no way, but it was and Gemma's hair blew around and Paul kind of gently pushed it behind her ear and kissed her on the forehead. It was the sweetest thing, I must say.
A few facts about Paul and Gemma:
-They have a bunny named George.
-Paul recently got his doctorate and the title of his thesis was " PLASMA MODIFICATION OF CARBON NANOTUBES FOR USE IN MOLECULAR ELECTRONIC DEVICES." not intimidating what so ever.
-On Saturdays Paul along with the other Aden men go to Goodison Park and watch Everton and Gemma competes with a rowing team.
-Gemma is a Environmental Controller... also very intimidating.
Here are just a few to take a peak at. Enjoy.

Theres that forehead kiss:)

Isn't she gorgeous?


The weather forecast.. Sunny but cold :)

Day 15 of 365:
After today's engagements went to the gym, after I got home I was wore out.
Had those stinky feet, so I decided to run the bath and relax. Now I obviously wasn't going to take a picture of me IN the bath, but this will do. :) Can you smell them? haha

Now, I need to get off here because I leave the day after tomorrow and I still havent even packed. Procrastination is key here folks.
Bye for today.

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