Monday, 7 March 2011


Oh my goodness my mind is just completely blown.
There is this show called Wonders of the Universe it’s with this Professor from University of Manchester Brian Cox. Wow just wow. We forget as we go about our day to day lives how minute we are compared to the universe. How much is going on outside of our world as we know it. We look up at a clear night’s sky and we see the stars as just specs in the night. It's insane to think of how massive they are in the scale of things. How they will not always be there and that there is stuff that the human eye cannot even see.
"Life is just a temporary structure on the long road from Past to Futures" and " We are compelled to travel into the future and that’s because the arrow of time dictates that as each moment passes things change and once these changes have happened they are never undone. Permanent change is a fundamental part of what it means to be human. We all age as the years pass by, people are born, they live and they die. I suppose it's part of the joy and tragedy of our lives but out there in the universe there is grand and epic cycles, pure eternal and unchanging but that’s an illusion. See the life as in universe just in our lives everything is irreversibly changing."

I could seriously sit and watch or listen to someone talk about these things all day everyday. I just love everything about it. It's real, it exists and it's part of life. The guy reminds me a bit of my mom's boyfriend Jim he's a physics professor and also has taught astronomy. He's one of those people the minute he opens his mouth you immediately tune into what he's saying. I'm sure there would be some of his students who may not feel this way but as a somewhat father figure have you he's the coolest person. I couldn't be happier for my mother :).
Speaking of them both I get to see them tomorrow!!! EXCITEMENT!
Went to the pub earlier to see some of my friends before I'm off again. Really have made some amazing friends here. Have made the move that much easier and have really been there for me when I've missed home more than other days. The girls have gone above and beyond to plan my hen do (bachelorette party) which is still a surprise to me but am so excited to find out where we are going. Knowing them it's going to be ace.

Day 16 of 365:
I'm all packed and ready to go. Every time I fly out something has gone wrong. First time there was the Iceland volcanoes, then snow, then there was a car accident on the motorway and we were stuck in traffic and I missed my flight so fingers crossed that it goes swimmingly.

The most important of the packed BOTH my passports :) Booyah.

I will post a quick post in the morning before we leave which will be before day light even hits but it will only be a small one and I apologize in advance if it doesn't make all that much sense. At least it's not David doing the blog post though; I'm not a morning person I'll give ya that but David is scary when it’s really early. There have been a few instances when we've had friends over and I'll wake David up and they are scared for their life.

Good night everyone. Tomorrow I'll be stateside which means my blog posts will be alot later if you’re on this side of the pond and a bit earlier if you’re on that side. Only two weeks though and then we will be back into routine.

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