Thursday, 31 March 2011

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear David happy birthday to you.
David you're the photosynthesis to my plant, the PB to my J, pretty much the big bang to my universe.
I love you very much. I would go into all the reasons why and what our future holds but you can just wait till July 27 when we say our vows. ;)
What an amazing year we've had; who would have thought the two of us here today. 4,000 something miles and you found ME. Lucky me. Ok enought with the cheese I know. Apologies folks!
 Last years birthday celebrations at our favourite place The Cavern pub.

I can't believe a year ago I moved over here. It seems like forever ago, it's weird how that works. Have you ever felt like it's been a short while but yet you can't remember things before that. Not that you can't remember, oh I give up nevermind.

We are going for a meal and what not on Saturday as I wanted to cook for David tonight.
Made Schnitzel, potatoes and some veggies.
 It was such perfect weather for a birthday.
Poor David had an essay he had to stress about today.

Day 40 of 365:
Have I really been doing this for 40 days? Once again seems like just yesterday I began this but yet it also seems like eons.
One last time. Happy birthday to you David, I hope it's a good one. You'll never catch up to me, unfortunately I'll always be the older, wiser one. I'll teach you my ways don't worry.

Hope everyone has had and is having a lovely day.
Till next time.

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  1. You guys are precious and beautiful together :) Happy birthday David!


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