Friday, 1 April 2011

Fact Friday

Oh, hello friends.
Fact: When I start out the beginning of my blog posts I feel as if and secretly kind of wish I were Mister Roger from Mister Rogers neighborhood.

Not that I wish I were a middle aged man; or a man at all matter of fact, but mostly because he always had wicked cardigans and I pretty much loved this show growing up. Reading rainbow as well ofcourse. Did anyone else watch this show? It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day....

Oh what a beautiful day it was today. Wasn't even sunny and I thought it was a beautiful day. It's this wedding stuff it's making me all sappy and cheerful ;)
It really was nice though, warm but windy and grey.

I went to the gym today and these two girls were in the womens gym part sitting in front of the mirror getting ready. Like had their make up bags out on the mats; all of their stuff spralled out, full on getting ready. Ofcourse included in this was loud gossip so everyone could hear there business. Then on top of being so cool, they sprayed perfume. I have asthma (minor case but I'm going to be a drama queen to add drama to my story)and I literally almost choked while running. Gosh I genuinely wish I could just be so cool. Naaaat.They were clearly as Charlie Sheen would say WINNNING.

I got to skype with my mom and we did a bit of wedding planning for like what we are doing the week before yada yada. More and more, day by day I am closer to becoming Mrs. Aden and I couldn't be happier.

Day 41:
Fact Friday: (yes I have now dubbed Fridays "Fact Fridays" where my picture has to be something pertaining to a fact about me or my life.)I am literally obsessed with V-neck t-shirts. 98.9% of the time I am wearing one. Even more I guiltily enough own more white v-neck tees than one probably should ever need in a lifetime. They are my go to. Whether in the house, gym, out anywhere. If I had to pick one thing to EVER wear forever that would so be it. I also wanted to make this fact because you probably see me in mostly a white tee in my posts.  
Today I in fact wore 2 v necks. One Run DMC one to the gym and this one.
What can I say I don't like feeling restricted by a tight neck. If I am I feel like George Banks in Father of the Bride when he constantly is pulling at his neck with his shirts. Tell me what is YOUR go to item?

And I'll be back when the day is new.

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