Thursday, 24 March 2011

For Japan with love

How art thou selves tonight? Are you out there?
I am doing good. Still haven't unpacked but have made it my mission to begin if not finish after this blog post. My body clock is still so messed up I hope I get to sleep remotely at a decent time tonight. Last night David and I couldn't sleep since our nap turned to a coma and lasted 10 hours; we didn't fall asleep till 5 this morning. Therefore meaning we didn't wake up till noon. FAIL. Then tonight I got to see some familiar friendly faces whom I've missed. Emma (one of my lovely bridesmaids) and I caught up a bit even though I feel I did most of the talking. No surprise there, especially with all the fantastic events I've just experienced. Then we did a bit of wedding discussion for the Aden wedding. Meeeeeep excitement. There goes that word again, I genuinely need to broaden my vocabulary. We will add reading the dictionary to my check list of things to do.

I also was pondering today and have decided this blog is too much about me we are going to change it up a bit. Gradually get into more wedding things. Not so much my wedding, althouh I will be sharing the journey with you guys. I mean wedding tips and tricks, ideas, favors and decor stuff for you future brides and grooms out there.

I think one of the first steps is figuring out what type of bride you are?

Classic- Your style exudes quality, distinction and timelessness. Very ladylike and look up to icons such as Jackie O, Audrey Hepbrun and Grace Kelly. Words to describe you would be : Timeless, Elegant, Sophisticated, Polished, Graceful,or Ladylike

NaturalAre you a bit of a wild child? Somewhat zen, you like your look to be earthy, pretty and ethereal. Your style is uniquely yours. Words to describe you: Ethereal, Eclectic, Enchanting, Earthy, Free spirit,or Whimsical.

Modern- Clean lines with a modern twist, you are slightly unconventional and always fashion foreward. Like to be a trendsetter in a very classy way. Words to describe you: Contemporary, Minimalist, Trendy, Innovative, Chic,or Fashionable.

Playful- Easy and relaxed; your look is pure, innocent and sensual. Words to describe you: Relaxed, Simple, Pure, Breezy, Healthy, Sporty.

Romantic- You've dreamt of your prince charming since you were a little girl. You have your fairy tale planned out to a t. Words to describe you: Feminine, Dreamy, Sentimental, Poetic, Extravagant, Princess.

So try and figure out what kind of bride you are and tomorrow we will go more into the next steps towards your big day.

Day 33 of 365:

Mark, Emma and I at the Ship
Also if you could take a second to check this out and if you can, reach out.

See y'all tomorrow.

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  1. I love that picture :-)
    I'm also glad you're back but had a lovely time at home & at the wedding, looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing allllll about it!
    Kerry x


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