Sunday, 20 March 2011


Who am I kidding I am not good at this two time zone thing. I've got two days left here and I will just atleast post it in this time zone. Disappointing I know, but I have precious family time to be had before I go away. I am so not ready to go back to cold :( i want to stay here where it's nice and warm. It was 78 degrees today when i checked in my car.

See I speak ze truth. Oh it was a really nice day. I went to Lowes with my mom to pick up some plants for the house then we headed to Brandy's and I played with Braxton while the grown ups put up the fence. He's such a little cutie pie. I wish I would have taken a picture .... sad times. Speaking of pictures today's picture is a webcam shot because my camera battery has died and we cannot find the convertor to charge it. If only I had Harry Potter's powers I could make it magically charged :). Is anyone else just dying for the final one? I just don't know what I'm going to do with myself when it is like over over. 

I am a bit bummed my mom's spring break has just started and I'm already leaving.
Atleast I'll be leaving with alittle bit of a tan though. Not that it will last.
Went and had La Huerta today as well, even though my parents were just there two nights ago. I had to have some mexican before I left seeing as there is nothing like it in England.

Day 29 of 365:

Pele says hello as we blog :)

Take care everyone see you tomorrow.

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