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I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

 Wow what an absolutely amazing past few days.
Thursday we started the morning with mani/pedis and then Kaitlyn and her mom picked up fresh flowers. We bundled them and arranged them together. I'd have to say we definitely could be some florists. We then headed to the church to set it up for the ceremony and it all began to kind of seem so real. As the rehearsal began I already started to become a little emotional. Kaitlyn just looked so cute; she had this amazing cream lace vintage dress she got from a flea market. Afterwards all the wedding party and other family and guests met up at Noodles for the rehearsal dinner. It was soooooo yummy! Then the bridesmaid and bride headed to Kaitlyn's mom Shaunda's house to have a few drinks and laughs. When everyone left Kaitlyn and I decided it was probably best to go ahead and TRY to get some shut eye. We were lying in bed and Kaitlyn asked me if she could read me her vows. I of course, didn't cry or anything and was so touched for her to have shared that with me.

We woke up bright and early; Kaitlyn was so calm and collected. We got ready and headed to the bridal brunch that bridesmaids Amanda and Emily's mothers had arranged for Kaitlyn. Mimosas, coffee, name engraved cookies, cinnamon rolls and little personal speeches were the perfect combination to start of the big day and really set the mood.
As we picked up our fuel for the day at Starbucks, Shaunda noted that we needed to get some pump up music to get us awakened and ready to set up. She put on Kanye West. HOW stinking cool is that?

Picking up the floral arrangements and heading to the reception site at Uncle Gaylord’s. This place is so cool; Kaitlyn had told me about this place when the chose to have their reception there, boy oh boy it's so neat. Funky mirrors, Chinese lanterns, eclectic knick knacks scattered all over the walls makes for a really unique venue.

We then headed to the chapel to begin getting ready! EXCITEMENT is flushing over us as time is reaching closer to the big moment. All of us bridesmaids are so different and so similar in all different ways that it just made for the perfect mix. We had a blast getting ready; Sarah B did the entire ladies make up and I did most of the girl’s hair. Trying not to get emotional we all kept the jokes and banter going. Kaitlyn had all of us pick out our own bridesmaids dresses and it was so neat because 3 were a pale yellow and 3 were bright yellow although different shades it worked out so perfectly. We took some reallllllly fun pictures Ruth Eileen Photography did such a great job. She made all of us felt mustaches and bow ties which we had a blast with; I cannot wait to see the pictures.

As time crept up on us in our getting ready room panic and emotions started to come over me. Emily one of the bridesmaid summed it up perfectly by saying something like "I'm like freaking out how is SHE feeling right now."  We lined up outside with the groomsmen we were paired with (I was paired with one of Ty's brothers named Brandon. Mega cool guy.) and we all could see Kaitlyn and dad through the window and each of us began to get emotional. Sooo we tried to keep each other from looking back at her; although so gorgeous and cute in her dad's suit jacket to stay warm, we didn't want to be crying before we even got into the chapel.

. We walked in not knowing which direction to look and to feel so special to be a part of this amazing day. All of the wedding party stood there; as the preacher asked everyone to stand, Moon River began to play and you could see by Ty's reaction she had walked in the door. His face so stuck on her you and her eyes focused on him as the tears began to fall the big moment where Kaitlyn Dawn Clinkscales was to become Mrs. Robert Tyler Lee had come.

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

A snip of the EE Cummings poem that was read out by their friend Chelsea. Then they read out their own vows. This was so emotional and heartfelt and shared a part of their relationship to everyone. It was so cool to witness as they made promises to each other and looked into each others eyes to reassure the other that there was nothing more perfect than that moment. Ty also sang two songs; one of which he wrote himself for her. I have never been to a more personal, heartfelt wedding.

After the ceremony and pictures we headed to the venue, I walked into Gaylord’s to announce the new couple. What do I do? I announce them MR and MISS LEE. I always am getting this wrong; I turn around look at David and immediately know that I have in fact said it wrong because he was shaking his head that read EPIC FAIL. So too make up for it I would like you to welcome MR and MRS. LEE

The minute I saw Kaitlyn pull out her grandma's table cloth when we were setting up I knew I wanted to somehow use it in their shoot. I love how happy and content she looks here.

At the reception last night we had so much fun dancing and letting loose. Brandon and I came up with some pretty cool dance moves if I say so myself and David was serenaded by all the bridesmaids. :) Such a fun night.

Here are two cute pictures of David from yesterday and today of him being the helpful person he is.

Oh yeah I get to marry that in 4 months. ( OH MY GOSH 4 months!!!!!)

Now if you know David you will understand how hilarious this picture is. Today as we were leaving Shaunda's house to meet up with the newlyweds and James( Kaitlyn's stepdad) mentioned that David would be driving his truck with the decorations to Kaitlyn's apartment. David's face lit up like you wouldnt believe. It was so funny to see him driving this. The biggest thing David has ever drove would be a Peaugot.

Day 28 of 365:

a poloaroid from today's shoot and this amazing Fossil charm bracelet that Kaitlyn gave me as a gift for taking her bridals. Silly girl shouldn't have bought me anything but I am so greatful for it. It's sooo cute I love it.

Kaitlyn and Ty Lee, I thank you for coming into David and I's life. You two are an inspiration to any couple in love. We have never had a dull mooment and look forward to when you come over to England for the Aden wedding. So glad you two found each other and are so happy. You both looked mesmerizingly happy yesterday.We love you both. Good luck and Congratulations.  

I promise I started this post before the time limit to make it in both time zones but I got alittle carried away.
Hope you'll still let it count because this is only half I really even wanted to say :p

Take care see you tomorrow

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  1. i love you with all of my heart! you are the best friend a girl could ask for :)


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