Monday, 21 March 2011


Hello hello,
It's been a nice day. Went to Walmart with my mom and saw the barbeque items, lemonade jars, fun colorful  tumble cups and I realized I will not be here for an Arkansas summer. What oh what am I gonna do? I never thought I would miss humidity, sweaty hot summer sun; but I will.
My mom taught me how to make a true German meal today; Weiner Schnitzel. If you know me, I do not eat red meat I hardly really even eat Chicken. The Lees stopped by on their way back from Dallas and the Deludes came as well. So it was a nice big meal with some people that mean the most to me if only Heather could have been there. None the less I hope everyone enjoyed it because I got my hands dirty and had to be very hands on with the meat.It was similar to that movie Julie and Julia where she has to bone the Chicken or whatever it was she had to do.
Then ofcourse after dinner comes good byes. Which by far is my least favorite thing in the world. Once again where is this world where I can have everyone I love in one space, but it could be worse. There are bigger problems out there so I will spare you the emotional blah blah, because I'm sure you get the point. Atleast you don't have to sit with me on the airplane like poor Daid does when the hardest good bye at the airport.  

 Onto exciting news, the next time I see them will be when they come to England for our wedding.
We leave quite early in the morning and ofcourse have not yet packed. I actually have laundry that I'm just washing now. Ooops, maybe the longer I keep it in the basket the longer we can stay? This morning I thought that it was gonna be a not so pretty day because the sun was hiding, probably knew I wanted to take it with me. It thankfully enough came out later on.
I should really go and help David pack because we all know that men can't do that and I'm a slight control freak so I'll just make sure the job only needs to be done once. :)

Wish me luck waking THAT monster up in the morning.

Day 30 of 365:
One big happy family

See you for a short post in the am.

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