Sunday, 20 February 2011

When the moon hits your eye

...... like a big pizza pie that's amore when the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine that's amore."
Ahhhh Dean Martin. I was baking ginger snaps for David earlier (they are his favorite) and baking/cooking just isnt complete without a bit of music. Dean Martin is a favorite. I just picture myself somewhere in Italy in a kitchen making MEGA pasta haha...
 So I'm really excited I think we get to pick up my diy bridal bouquet from tomorrow at the post office!
I've been looking forward to this little diy project ever since I was helping my best friend and bride to be Kaitlyn this Christmas break while I was home.

Did you know that in the UK Mother's Day is on a different day then in the US? ( by like a month!!)I wonder why this is? US probably just wanting to change things or be complicated. No surprise there. Speaking of Mother's Day, stuck on what to get your mom? Why not book a session with me and we can take some fun pictures of you and your siblings, or even book a session with you and your mom. Moms LOVE pictures of their kids, and if anyone is like me I love pictures with my Mom. Do your parents/grandparents have an Anniversary coming up? Is there a new baby addition in the family?
Book a session with me :)
contact me at 07776236310
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So for my first day of my 365 days of pictures:
Me and one of my many cups of joe from today.

Oh but yes ofcourse it has owls on it :) a wonderful christmas present among many others from my lovely "Mum" in law to be. If this had a lid I would take this everywhere I go. I love it.

Had a lovely skype date with my mother today, oh technology is so amazing these days. I say that but at the same time I wish there was still the simplicity of receiving a letter in the mail. That anticipation until the person on the other end replies, checking your mail box day after day. Then you have it before your eyes and some random day you may stumble across that letter and it bring back that same warmth and enjoyment from the first time you read it. Now all we have to do is get on our mobile phones, click refresh read and reply and its pretty much gone forever unless for some reason you need to look back at some point for some valuable information that was in this email. But you can't touch it, feel it, see the little imperfections in the handwritting. Witness where maybe the other person grew weary and tired of writing as the perfection of their writting may dwindle towards the end and onto their salutations.
Ahhhhh anyways stay tuned for tomorrow. Hope everyone has a wonderful night.


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