Monday, 21 February 2011

Stinky feet

Hello! I am hoping everyone's day was filled with as much excitement as mine. My cousin Heather (also my Maid of Honor) has booked her flights today to come over for the wedding. Oh I am just so excited.
Let me tell you alittle about Heather and I. Our fathers are brothers, and when we were wee wittle kiddies we hung out here and there at our grandmothers house and then my family moved and Heather and I became pen pals. Somewhere along the line we lost contact though and then one day my freshman year of college I had a friend request on Myspace. It was no one other than my cousin Heahter. I was filled with excitement I wanted to know eveything she had been up to and where her life had taken her since I had last been in touch. I wanted to fill the gaps and I wanted everything to just fall back into place; it did just that. She lives in Florida and we have traveled back and forth to see each other even for a short while. In my perfect world I would pack up everyone I love and put them all in one little area. I'm quite used to having a distance between the ones you love from my dad being in the Army, my family in Germany when I was in America and my family in America when I was in Germany and then ofcourse when David and I met we did the distance in  the beginning. You get used to it but I'd be lying if I said it isn't hard at times.

Also only 15 days and I will be back in Arkansas for a few weeks to see my family and for my best friend Kaitlyn's wedding.
Kaitlyn is going to be such a gorgeous bride and I know the wedding is going to be just spectacular. Kaitlyn's apartment is filled with urban outfitters, vintage, and just amazingness. So I can only imagine what she is going to do with this special day. I've already had a peek at some of her little goodies :).

Day two of three hundred and sixty five.

 Everyone on the other end of the screen should be happy that you cannot smell. I have had these precious babies since I was in High School and they are probably my favourite shoes in the whole entire world. They are quite battered and they smell of just... well stinky feet. It's awful, it also doesn't help that I absolutely HATE socks. So times that by 2 of the stinkiness. I took my shoes off after going to the gym today and thought oh I shall share a picture of them because I realize one day they will be unwearable and I can always look back. :)

 No package today. Fingers crossed that day 3 of 365 is of my lovely parcel.
  Good night everyone. Don't let those bed bugs bite.

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