Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bittersweet Arrival

It's here it's here it's here!
My diy bridal bouquet from Princess lasertron has arrived!!
I must say the thought and care behind what she does is heart warming. You can see it's not just about the money. As you can witness below it wasn't just in the cardboard box it was filled with pretty tissue paper. It took everything I had not to just rip through it all.

If you are a bride to be and are realizing how expensive flowers can be or like me just possibly want to add a personal touch to your wedding this is that extra something. You let her know your colors, what your vision of your wedding is like etc. and she works with you to get the colors perfectly right.

She included a personal note that she wrote (if you remember my blog post about missing the simplicity of hand written mail. ahhh she was reading my mind.)she also included cute little candies and pencils with hearts on them.

I am so ever blessed to be wearing David's Nan's pearls (who is heartbreakingly no longer here but always in our hearts) on our wedding day. I know she has and will always mean alot to the family and I wanted to incorporate her as much as possible in the wedding. Princess Lasertron usually sends out all these neat, nifty and fun buttons with your purchase. She included a small sheet of them just because she is awesome but  I so thankfully am using buttons from a tin of buttons that Pam(my lovely mother in law to be) has allowed me to use. I used some already in the save the dates with lace. I will be using the buttons and hopefully some vintage brooches as the center of the flowers.

I am thrilled to start this little project as it's one step closer to the big day.

So for day 3 of 365 as hoped :

Speaking of people who are no longer with us, my Opa passed away this Sunday three years ago. Seems like just yesterday I got that horrific phone call from my mother. Life is crazy in that way how one moment you can be so focused on writing your English Comp essay and then bam. Needless to say I failed that essay and probably the class. I will leave you with what I did write after this happened.

" Take my hand and walk with me foreverLife is just a game we play, for each move is done your own way. Maybe your influenced by others or maybe just the meer fact you followed your heart. You never know when the game will end or when the other players will fade. Some will strike out by choice, some by fate and some by time. We just have to realize the game will not last forever not for anyone. As we play we must take chances, make risks, think the impossible, follow your dreams, and cherish the memories. Let the players who mean the most to you know how you feel, Do not hold grudges or think what if because EVERYONE makes mistakes some are bigger than others and some do not learn. But in the end you will feel better had you given them a chance then having skipped them in the game, for there game may just end before you could even open your mouth & as they fade we must close our eyes and place the memories in our heart like a locket so they will last for ever. "

Stay tuned for tomorrow and remember You are beautiful.


  1. Wow what a unique creative idea. That is too cool. I cannot wait to see how it turns out : )

  2. It's so much fun. I cant wait for it to be done :)


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