Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Uma has it..

You might be asking who is this Uma? Well I would like to know as well.
Apparently she has a rumour.
If you own or have heard Adele's new album 21 then you would know that number 2 on her album is called 'Rumour has it'. Which would mean Uma doesn't have a rumour. Rumour has it... Rumour(echo). Oh yes I will admit I was and have been singing Uma has it since the first time I heard it and today as I was baking a Nutella cake I was thinking this isn't really making sense so I grabbed the adele CD case and funny enough it says 'Rumour has it'. Has anyone ever done this?
This is completely fine if you on your own in the comfort of your own home. I for some reason though have a tendency to think a song says something which wouldn't necessarily even make sense but I've been so confident that my way is so correct. Takes me back to when your riding in the car with your best mate and the music is going and your singing along and your friend sings something different and you laugh to yourself ha, she's got that so wrong. Then the possibility that this persons version is correct you just stay silent and let the song finish.

Anyhow rumour has it that I cannot bake and not eat the mix as I am baking. This rumour is uterly and completely false. No such thing. Me? That would be absolute nonesense.
for day 4 of 365

See what did I tell you. Completely absurd ;)

If my job were to be a baker I would be as big as a house. I try and try not to touch the mix/batter what have you, but it just whispers says Tanja I am so yummy you must try me.
So as you can see. This is me baking and trying as I go along.

Hope everyone has had a splendid day.
Be sure to check back tomorrow.



  1. I also thought it was uma has it. It's quite embarrassing because me and my mother had this huge argument over it and now that I've realized it im just going to gradually play it down until she forgets about it. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi Tanja, Thank you, you confirmed that I was totally wrong since a long time... Reason why i googled and passed by your page ;.) - We are French, living in the US but now in Singapore... language is usually not a barrier... but it was a pretty tough one! Hope that you are becoming an expert on your cake 20 months after!


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