Friday, 25 February 2011

Coffee Kisses x

Would like to apologize for the late post, my computer was being very lame and ancient and it took awhile to upload the photographs.
Just want to start out by saying my mom is such an amazing and inspirational person. My mom is a 7th grade Math teacher. Yesterday a student said to my mother ""Miss, last year in 6th grade I didn't really get math but this year I can do it. I showed my dad last night and he didn't even know how to do it but I can". I read this on my mothers facebook status this morning. Now isnt that just heartening? All of that hard work and hours that my mom put into when she was going to University. She was working full time, being the perfect mother she is and a student. It all paid off. When I hear my mother talk about her students and how much she wants to help makes me so thankful to be her daughter. She works in a school were it's mostly English as a second language just like her. Some teachers would think that isn't their problem if the child doesn't understand, but my mother finds a way to make children understand. Mom was in a small magazine for her outstanding teaching skills that stated " When she started, 38% of 7th-graders scored "Proficient" or "Advanced" on math assessments. Now, around 70% do. "  Oh I can't even explain how proud of her I am.

As stated in a previous blog post; I absolutely LOVE coffee. So if your like me, I'm going to teach you how to make Coffee Kisses.
Note : They are small and there isn't much that this makes so I usually just double the ingredients to make a  bit more.

Also a very awkard baker :


And don't judge on log making ability. Or lack there of !

For Americans Icing sugar = Powdered Sugar

I make the Icing mixture while the main mixture is cooling (which I also put in the fridge for extra cooling). Also if the icing isn't thick enough just add more icing sugar.

Day 6 of 365
The girl behind the blog

 As stated before my computer is being a bit lame so the picture doesn't completely match up to the rest but, will have to wait to be fixed.

Check back tomorrow. :)

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