Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wow time is really moving fast. It only seems I just got here. I want to bring Target and a few other places back with me. Publix for instance. It has it's own organic food section. The almonds have real taste and aren't dry. They also come in big packs for a reasonable price. Not a handful in a bag for almost 10 bucks. Therefore I have packed a few packages. Did I tell you about when I went to Publix the other day? We got to check out and I started bagging my stuff. The guy looked at me ;confused, "Mam I will do that for you." Awkward. Also bought 4 bags of dry roasted Edamame. Now if I could bring Chik-fil-A back for the husband. Well seeing as I didn't really see much of Philadelphia airport as I was running from terminal A to C and back again, I can have a real nice look tomorrow during my EIGHT hour layover. Yes I said eight. As in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. Oh goody. To top that off guess what my phone did? It took a little vacation. In the toilet. Iphone is no longer alive. Yes that phone that I ran from terminal A to C and back again is now donezo. Atleast I got a nice workout and a few instagrams uploaded from it. 

I went to take a picture of the sunsetting then realized my camera was still in Heather's car which is not here. When I went down I saaw these cuties just chillin by the pond. 

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