Thursday, 9 February 2012


When landing in Philadelphia I was looking as far as the eye could see and it was just filled with tall buildings and houses that all look the same and cars all coming and going. Then yesterday when looking out out past the ocean on the horizon I got to thinking how crazy it is that at one point this earth was untouched. Ofcourse there were organisms and nature but by humans. Everything moving as nature intended it to be. Can imagine the calm and peace of it all? Then when new lands were discovered how exciting and new things were. Now it's all the same. There are new phones and new things but it's all a form of something already invented or seen before. What are we rushing for? A little food for thought..

Anyways, considering I haven't been here since last March I would make a list of things that make me realize I'm stateside.

-Immediately after getting off the plane a man used May god bless you in a sentence.
-The man at starbucks seemed like he wanted to be every customers best friend and he was on some happy juice where as in England they try and avoid contact and want you to order and get out.
-I put a load of wash in the laundry and within the same hour it was done. Not just washed. Dried and done. That wasn't even on fast wash (which in UK is NOT a fast wash 2 hours later....)
-Everywhere you go you can hear some girl telling some OMG story and oversharing to everyone in the store, airport or airplane. (Also find it funny how when I was leaving England you see people kind of keeping to themselves all spread out. Immediately you walk onto American soil and you see everyone being nosey in everyone's business trying to become best friends with everyone. Which is sweet and all but come on some of us have been flying for a good 9 hours now and I just want to go to sleep not talk about the high school you went to and how NFL is the best sport in the world.)
-I went to go use the restroom in the airport and looked up and a woman was making eye contact with me through the door. Oh hello privacy I forgot I left you back in England where the gaps between the loos are sealed shut so I can pee in private instead of having a woman judge me on how much toilet paper I'm using.
-When getting into Heather's car and I look left and see a needlessly huge Hummer to my left. Oh yes I forgot I'm in America where everything has to be as big as it can be for no big reason and we can waste our money on gas instead of spending it elsewhere

Did you also know that if something was made in China and just one American counts the product out or comes in contact with the product somehow they can put made in America on it? How is that even possible? Little fun fact Heather told me.

That's just a few to hold you over for the day. Just needed to get that off my chest phew. Hahah

Now I must go and get ready to pick Heather up from Uni. Yes she is letting me drive. After a year of not driving. That's trust my friends. Oh how liberating as well. When I first got in the driver seat I barely put my foot on the pedal. You know when you go go karting and you don't know how touchy the pedals are and you barely put it down til you get comfortable and then your off. Yep that was me except it took me til I got to Heathers parking lot till I was comfortable. I was the old lady on the highway 10 and 2 going exactly the speed limit. lol

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