Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Hello again. No I never made it back to blog last night that is because I'm the loser at the party who fell asleep. (I also come up with a lot of excuses don't I?) My body clock is still on English time by the time I catch up it will be time to go back. I struggle to even sleep past 7 in the morning and by about 8pm I am ready to just pass out. Lame-o.

Heather and I went to American Beach in Fernandina here are a few pictures from our trip. 


I would totally upload more pictures but you have no idea how long it's taken me to even just upload those few. I miss our mac computer and I can't wait to get home and upload more pictures and share what beautiful things I am seeing. It's not exactly hot here but it beats wearing a winter coat that's for sure. 

three five oh
I could actually sit and watch the waves all day long. 

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