Wednesday, 11 January 2012


So I've hit that bored stage again. Yes I am bored with my hair. I am fine with it being short although I do miss throwing it up in a messy bun sometimes or just hiding behind the lot of hair. Now their is nothing to hide behind your just a canvas. I've liked it because when it was a little shorter I started playing more with accessories and also have tried to play dress up more. I've also experimented with more girly things although I still can't bring myself to wear my pink cardigan as I feel like I should have my polly pocket in my purse and pig tails in. Maybe I wore too much pink as a little girl? I think every beauty pageant dress I owned was pink. I wish I still had my frilly ankle socks to peak out of my flats. No, actually I don't. Although I have seen many a girl pull of the frilly sock look. That would be girl overload for me. I took out earrings the other night because I felt like I looked too dressed up. How is that even possible when wearing a plain tee shirt and no other accessories? I have no clue. I am really trying to come to terms with whatever fear this is of accessories. I never used to look at the accessories when shopping now I try and force myself to buy at least one accessory when shopping or an accessory to go with a new shirt or whatever. Anyways I've just rambled a whole paragraph OFF subject..... 

Hair. Not length. Color. Or colour. However you like to spell it. I have really tried to fight this urge of colouring my hair and just let it grow out. I just am not a fan of the dark for too long. I mean I don't wanna go mega blonde nor do I want to go black. I would like to find a  colour that isn't too much hassle or high maintenance. Not anything to boring though. I think I'd like something just a bit lighter maybe but I also don't want to look like a skunk. 

Hmmmm. Decisions decisions. Opinions? 

Day 323 of 365:

 I know this will come a shock but I actually also can't decide what colour to paint my nails. 

Not that they will stay a nice clean colour, unfortunately I don't have my mothers nail painting patience. She will paint her nails and not move for an hour. NO JOKE. Like same position. Same spot, literally not moving for an hour. If you touch her or even move close to her her hands are in the hair, fingers apart..... " I've just painted my nails be careful!" It's really funny actually. Her nails do always turn out looking lovely. 

My oma and I on the other hand, we don't even have the patience to take off the PREVIOUS colour. Nor do we have the patience to sit down for 5 minutes. 
It seems after I paint my nails 1000 things come in my mind that I need to do. They of course must be done in that moment and I always think I can totally not mess up my nails. Let's just say my nails never look like my mothers. Although when my nails chip I usually end up with a cool rainbow effect. She's secretly jealous. ;) 

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