Friday, 23 December 2011

Oh my gosh. Illness GO AWAY.

I do apologize y'all but I feel as if my body is going to give up on me.

BLechhhh I missed another day of work today and spent most of it on the couch trying to recuperate for tomorrow and a small little break from resting for a Skype date with my mom. Then about 5 o'clock decide to just muscle it up and do my baking. It's christmas by golly gee. Not gonna let a little ole flu stop me!

Although I think it's now biting me in the butt as I need to hit the hay and hit up some more flu medicine before tomorrow.

Day 304 of 365:

Vanillekipferl (MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!!!)


Presents all wrapped. Must be kept above book shelf out of little Luna's little paws :)

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