Friday, 16 December 2011

I have found the most amazing foundation. After searching and making too many impulse buys. (As you cana see above) Now I know I've said this a few times as I have this problem of loving the idea of new foundation instead of actually looking at the facts. I.e. in daylight, in picture and or when looking in mirror blaming the wrong colour on the lights in that room. 
Fact is I have really dry olive toned skin. Two key words dry and olive
My problem is make up is usually too pink or too orange and when I try and avoid going too dark I end up going to light; grey skin is not the look. 

So as Kerry and I were wandering the make up department in Selfridges I stopped by the Laura Mercier counter because I have the tinted moisturiser that I love so much but isn't enough coverage for those drab days. I saw this pot and opened and placed a small amount on the back of my hand and it was like love at first smear. Also the colour seemed to be more beige instead of pink, yellowish or orange. Could this actually be the one? 
So I ask the lady behind the counter to do a colour match for me and then also lets me know this make up is actually targeted for age 30 and up. I explained my very dry skin and she said it could be what I've needed. I was also thrilled she looked quite normal. Normal meaning she didn't look like she had the whole counter on her face to make her look flawless and she had bare minimal eyes etc. Usually after someone at make up counter does make up and you look in mirror, I always can find something I would change or do differently. I loved the look she gave me. So taking a leap of faith, I purchased the foundation. I have been waiting all week for the day where I stop liking it or it stops hydrating. This day has yet to come. My under eyes don't look like they belong to an elephant, and the colour seems to still suite my face. 

Christmas cookie of the day.... 

Mom's German Lebkuchen recipe. 
Which this time last year I was being taught in my mother's kitchen. 
Miss you mom. 

150g Margarine 
250g Sugar
4 eggs
2 tbsp cinnamon
2 tbsp cocoa
a sprinkle of cloves
400g mixed fruit peel( orange and lemon)
300g chopped nuts
200g raisins (drained in water for couple of hours)
1/4 liter of milk
500g flour
2 packets of baking powder

One egg white beaten
100g icing sugar

Mix butter, sugar and eggs with mixer. Add everything else. Add milk at very end. *SIDE NOTE* Bake at 200 C for 20 minutes. Put on Glaze. 
Side note: Normal procedure is to put the dough onto an "oblaten" which is that rice paper like stuff they give you in Catholic church. I couldn't find any and to be honest I didn't really search very hard. 

Day 297 of 365:

Just in case you were wondering. Luna is still as cute as ever. Top picture you can see her just taking a small nap in a pile of clothes and the below picture you can see her just chilling on David's shoulder like a princess. 

We've got a busy yet quiet weekend ahead of us. 
Must get christmas things finished. 

Take care kids. 

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