Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Greetings all.

Here is ze bow in my hair. 
I have attempted a few more this morning but want to give sewing them a go tomorrow maybe. Well actually tomorrow probably won't happen. Busy day tomorrow. Time seems to be going so fast. I blink and it's already mid week again. 

Day 294 of 365:

This morning while I was getting ready I was searching for my blush brush, only to walk into the bedroom to find Luna wanted to play make up. :) She is still too cute. Growing up too fast though. I sound so pathetic, I know. 

Ahhh it's almost Christmas and I am so behind with things. How is it that when I didn't have a job I was struggling to find things to keep me busy and now it's like I have so  many things to do and I can't get them done. Bahhhhhhhhhhhh. 

Hope you've had a lovely day. 
We had a lovely meal at Pam's tonight. Mmmmmm Salmon so good. 

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