Thursday, 1 December 2011


Wow you came so fast! It seems like I was just putting the Christmas tree up with my mother, but no that was last year. This year I will be decorating my very own christmas tree. Well David and I's but you know what I mean. We are in a bit of a dilemma though on whether to get a real tree or a fake tree. It seems we are always having to pick a side when it comes to traditions. We're always trying to compromise though and attempt to fit two together to come up with our own tradition. So I believe we will get a fake tree and get real tree scents since the only reason David wants a real one is for the smell. Problem solved.  Mother dearest sent a few of my Precious Moments christmas ornaments I've been collecting each Christmas since I was a youngin. A lovely little something my mother started for me. I am so thankful as it was nice to open the christmas package and to take a little trip down memory lane. I am thrilled to finally be putting them up on our tree. She has also purchased a few new staple ones for our tree as well. I saw this amazing storage idea on pinterest ofcourse. How neat!

Something I love about Christmas are Candy canes. I love how pretty they are and who doesn't love a bit of minty freshness? Only problem is I just think they are too pretty to eat. That doesn't stop me though.
Maybe eating Candy canes aren't your thing? How about a little nail art? I will definately be turning to this little trend alot over the christmas holidays. I actually jumped the gun and tried it about a week or so ago but I removed them for the wedding this weekend. Red... not a good color for any type of Aden event. I don't want to be put on the naughty list especially when the Aden Santa is so good at gift giving.

I am so looking forward to gift giving this year as David and I are both working we actually have money to treat our loved ones. Alot of homemade gifts are still going to be apart of our gift giving but money does help for more details and possibly little extras. I love all this red and white gift wrapping materials.

 If your a bit more fancy and technical than I am you could give these nail decorations a try. I would but I do my left hand and then look at my right hand and CBA with all the concentration using my left hand. So I stick with the simple stripes and circles. :)  

Something I have been wanting to do for so long now is build a gingerbread house. I want to have a gingerbread making party with some of my girlfriends. I dont know if everyone else will be keen to channel their inner 5 year old but I sure as heck am.
Speaking of Gingerbread. I really want to get a gingerbread spice and possibly make some gingerbread lattes or gingerbread pie. I love all the christmas spices. Making my stomach grumble as I type this. Think may hit up Costa Coffee after work actually. To add onto the excitement I got an email from Costa this morning saying I have a free coffee waiting for me. Yippee!!!

Maybe your going away for the holidays? I saw this amazing packing light guide and thought I'd share.

Right well... I should probably go back to work.
What my blog post is basically trying to say is....

All images Thanks to Pinterest.

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