Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hello my friends. How is everyone? My my I've had an amazing day. Work went by quite slow but thanks to Pinterest, CNN and NPR I got through just fine. :) Then after work David and I headed over to David's Auntie Do who's 82. A darn good looking 82 year old if I do say so. I've always thought she was the cutest thing and this weekend at Paul and Gemma's wedding I got a chance to have a little chat with her and decided David and I should go and have tea with her more often as she only lives 5 minutes away. I was so excited all day for our little date with her as I can't even begin to describe how adorable she is. She is David's Nan's sister so I thought it would be a nice way to get another feel of how lovely she was. We had a cup of tea and then she offered to make us dinner. She so gently set up the table and was worried that her finest table cloth wasn't ironed.! As we sat eating Spaghetti, sipping wine she began chatting about when she was evacuated during the war.  Afterward as she made some custard I washed the dishes and David dried them off. It was rather endearing the three of us in the kitchen. Following our apple pie she brought down boxes of old photographs and shared earlier years of her life. She showed her wedding day photographs which I have to say was such a privilege. She had been with her husband since she was 14! He unfortunately is no longer with her but it was nice for her to share some of the laughs and smiles that he once shared with her. He was actually the brother of David's grandad. How cool is that sisters marrying brothers?

We've decided to visit more often and hear more stories and just give her a bit of company. She's such a lovely woman and I can't believe we've waited so long to do this. I just hope we were half as good of company as she was for us. She is such a hoot. Next week I'll take my camera and take a few snapshots.

I know my challenge was to actually take a few pictures in daylight but I had to nip to the shop before work this morning for David and I's lunch. I know I know excuses excuses.

Day 281 of 365:
My body is hurting as Luna likes to leap and grab onto my skin for dear life. She also likes climbing on David and I. As cute as it is, it's beginning to make showers quite painful. 

But you can see she really does love me, so the blood and scars are worth it. 

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