Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day 287 of 365:
Ommg today has been non stop. 
After work we went to Ikea and then had to cut it short for David to go to football. Then we went BACK to IKEA got a desk and alot of other things we have been needing like a full length mirror(every girl needs one. I don't know how I've survived 2 years without one), we thought our total was going to be painful and when the checkout girl said our total both of our faces looked at each other in complete confusion that either our math was that shockingly off or she had missed items off when scanning. The first was the case. Isn't it nice when you over calculate in your head and then it's much lower. Anyways then we came home, I went grocery shopping David went to his mum and dad's and picked up his brand new MAC desktop computer. Now we are just setting everything up and putting groceries away so am needing to cut it short as tomorrow is early start and have yet again busy times ahead after work. 

Hope everyone had a lovely day. 

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