Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hi beautiful. Yeah you. 
How was your Sunday Funday. 
The weirdest thing happened to me today. Mom if your reading this you will probably want to hold onto your seat. I saw a christmas comercial today and caught myself smiling and feeling warm inside? The other day I didn't scream when I heard a christmas song I actually sang along to it with a smile. If you know me. I am like a grinch. Not in the sense of that I wanna steal christmas and little kids toys. Unless ofcourse it's like a big batch of playdough or something really wicked. No I am kidding I wouldn't even steal that. What I mean is that I just have never been a big fan of how packed the stores get, the hussle and bussle. The same rudolph elevator music on repeat wherever your going. I know most everyone LOVES opening presents. I on the other hand am so awkward about everything; so I am the opposite. I hate it. I overthink my reaction. I always feel like I'm not excited enough or I seem like I don't like my presents. I'm always thankful for everything I get I just can't do the Ohhh Ahhh every present I open. I also then overanalyze everyone elses reaction to my presents I've given. My brain now hurts. Maybe I'm still bitter finding out that Santa was in fact my mother and not a fat bearded man riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer. I remember the christmas I figured it out as well. I saw my mom put out my big doll house before we left for my Omas. (only because I was snooping ofcourse) See if there are presents about, I will find them without a doubt. I will share a few childhood stories with you leading up to christmas. Then when we got back she said oh look what santa brought. CAUGHT.
Do you remember when you found out Santa or as the English call him "Father Christmas" was in fact a hoax? How old were you? Fill me in!  
Anyways now that I've only faffed a whole paragraph to get to the point, I am actually excited about Christmas.  It might have a little something to do with being married and in our first place, but whatever the reason I'm sure David is much more pleased with this attitude than the prior christmas seasons. 
 I am excited for our christmas tree, for having my very first own German christmas in my house (a little sadness that Cordelia Heffner aka Mom wont be there to witness it) and I am excited to ofcourse bake all the goodies I've indulged in over the many years that my Oma handed down to my mom and now my mom down to me. 
I still am however not excited about opening presents. If there could be a way to hand out gifts and then cut out the opening part and then straight to the wrapping paper in piles and everyone in smiles; that would be perfection. 

Am totally loving these November nights. Gorgeous pink and blue skies. 

Day 258 of 365:

So I don't know if you knew but November is my birthday month.
Pam gave me a few little goodies in advance as I begin the DIY dress course. 
She has handed down her sewing machine and purchased me a nice little sewing box with goodies. Such as little sewing scissors, pins, needles, thread and a few other bits and bobs. :) 
Time to get started. 

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