Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hello my fellow muggles. How are we doing today?
Last night was absolutely epic. We got there remotely early and met up with a friend Shaun and had a little catch up and then positioned ourselves in preparation for The Vaccines & Arctic Monkeys. I got David standing tickets (these were his Grooms gift for our wedding). Arctic Monkeys are David's absolute favourite band and whenever David was typing away on the type writer, glueing, sticking and tying labels before the wedding he was always jamming out to them so I thought what better way to celebrate. It was our first real gig together and it was amazing. We were so close and jumping up and down. There ofcourse was unecessary amounts of people throwing cups of piss and beer into the crowds but hey that's rock and roll for ya. It was such an amazing experience and has got me even more antsy to see my favourite band Red Hot Chili Peppers on Tuesday. Just in time for my 24th birthday. Sigh.
We were so sad to leave poor Luna on her own that Pam cam and kitten sat for us. Which let us really let loose and enjoy the concert. She was awake and wired to see us when we got home.

Speaking of Luna, as I was oogling on HelloGiggles I came across this article on how to channel your inner  Luna Lovegood.

David got me these items today. Is it wrong that the chocolate is almost the size of my magazine? I think not. Especially since it's Galaxy. Seeing Kristen Stewart makes me think of the new Twilight movie coming up just after my birthday. 
So are you Team Jacob or Team Edward

While on the subject of movies have you seen the previews for My Week With Marilyn? Oh my I want to see it RIGHT NOW! Michelle Williams ofcourse pulls of Marilyn amazingly. Starring also Emma Watson and Judi Dench. Who wants to go and see it with me? 

With the weather getting chillier I am wishing I had the patience to learn how to knit. 
Until then I will just oogle at Miss Emma's shop. 
Emma is probably the most adorable person ever. Her stuff is way too cute and she seriously makes me want to man up and learn to knit. 
See. Just her advertisement is adorable. Yep that's her on the right.

Check out her shop here or maybe check out her blog.

Day 261 of 365:
Thursdays are Helen's Keep Fit class. I havent been to the gym in a few days since I have been minding our little Luna. Boy do my legs ache tonight. Probably will be hurting even more tomorrow when I go back to the gym. I really wanna run outdoors but always have a bit of trouble with the air on my lungs. Thankfully shape magazine posted these helpful cold weather running tips. I shall be givving them a try next time I can't make it all the way to the gym. 
 Our Luna is really getting settled in rather lovingly. Her and husband are currently asleep on the opposite couch and it kind of melts my heart a bit. They make such a cute little team. 
See you tomorrow. 

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