Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hello everyone. How was everyones weekend? Ours was absolutely brilliant. Friday I did a half day and then we packed the car up and headed up to Grange-over-Sands for Paul and Gemma's wedding. We left Luna behind and felt so awful but thanks to our good friends Peter and Helen; who came and spent some cat time with her and fed her, we knew she was in good hands. We got up there without even getting lost once. We downloaded a SatNav app called UK &Roi and it was free and it directed us directly to the hotel even when we didn't have service. Much better than Google maps that takes just as long as your journey to reload. 

I left blogging before we left because I thought I would be able to blog whilst up in Grange because of the WIFI but for some reason my wifi was only working on my phone and not on the laptop. I know there is some how to update your blog with a picture but I have yet to master it. I have tried a couple of times but it has epicly failed. Probably not as much of an epic fail as catching my menu on fire at paul and gemmas wedding. Yes. Keep all candles away from me. 

276 of 365:
We arrived to Grange-over-Sands and when we checked into our amazing room we were in awe of everything. I absolutely loved the bath tub. I want one of these in my home one day. Was so made up we had one in our room. 

We met everyone in the lounge and had a little rehearsal run through and then all of the guests staying over the night had a few drinks and a meal in the lobby and had some laughs. 

277 of 365:
 Words cannot even describe how lovely Gemma and Paul's wedding was. Everything went so smoothly and it is such a joy to have Gemma as an Aden. It's so crazy to think when I met her two years ago we were both Heffner and Lancaster barely knowing each other to both becoming Aden and being bridesmaids in each others wedding. It was so heart warming to see Paul so proud of his beautiful bride. They had all these lovely amazing details that I will share at a further date with everyone. Here they are sharing first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Aden :) 

278 of 365:

This morning we woke up and packed our bags and went on our way. We decided that we would stop in Windemere for a little coffee and a nice walk seeing as we have kind of been married for 5 months today.
Since I was lacking at the weekend I thought I would just upload a few pictures from today.

Just a few snips from our walk, stopping at Beatrix Potter Attraction, David aka George Banks mom that one is specially for you after giving david that nickname :), my handsome husband of 5 months, windemere, and our amazing canopy bed.

See you tomorrow and once again Congratulations Paul and Gemma!!! 
What an amazing weekend. It went and came way to fast.

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